War Girls Sample Review


Wow! this story is very interesting to read. I like how people have to fight for survival. The main character is a fighter. She lives in a world that robotic organs help them to survive longer. I like how the sample story explore the main character lives and a solution that needs to occur in this society. Overall, I am hoping that the whole book is better than this sample story. I want to see more political aspects in this story. The war and violence are interesting, but the political aspects in this book will make the story more stronger and interesting. People need to read this book because your need to know about the future and how technology can expand into robotic dependency. Robotic dependency can be somewhat interesting or it can be a problem.

Cupid’s Match Sample Review

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Wow! the story seems very interesting to read. I know that Wattpad is a good way to gain more writing and reading reviewers. However, I did read After story that is based on Wattpad publication. i somewhat like the book. Furthermore, I hope this story Cupid’s match is better than After story. I know that the characters in Cupid’s match are very interesting and resourceful to read. The main issue when I read the short story is the romance element of this story. I know that the girl can not be with cupid, but I believe that the girl will found a way to be with cupid. I hope the whole story is based on developmental romance. I do not want a lush relationship in this story. Overall, people should read this book because we need a paranormal romance in our lives.

Juliet Takes a Breath Book Review!

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I liked this book. the characters were very interesting to explore. Juliet was a very complex person. She had issues with her family over her sexuality. Juliet was a Spanish gay woman. She express herself by writing and reading books. I felt like Juliet reminded of me. I loved to read and write. I just not a gay person. However, I did not like Juliet ex-girlfriend. She was a very obnoxious and selfish individual. She broke up with Juliet by writing a letter. I felt like Juliet ex-girlfriend was not a real person. She seemed like a fantasy individual. I liked someone to break up with in-person. furthermore, I did see Juliet grew after the break up. overall, I gave this book a 4.5/5 star rating. People needs to read this book because feminism is very important in society. Also, gay representation plays a huge role in American society.

My June reading wrap

Hello! I am sorry all for doing this late reading wrap. I just want to tell your I did read most books in June. The books I read were:

I liked this book. the characters were very interesting to explore. I learned a lot about the Belles and the queen political system. The belles are very strong individuals that serve each royal house. I was very impress with the system that belles run. However, I felt that the belles should have some romance in their lives. I know that work is somewhat important, but being taking care of could be a solution to the belles population. However, the royal system was very horrible. There were a lot of secrets in the royal kingdom. I did not like the younger princess in the kingdom. she was very controlling with the main character belle. Overall, i hope the next book is better than the first book.
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I liked this book. The characters were very interesting to explore. I was very impress with this story. I was proud that the author did not use a lot of high school drama. the story mainly focused on the mystery and investigation of each female victim. I gave this book a 3.75/5 stars rating because of the confusing writing style. Overall, I hope this author continues to write more books in the near future.
I liked this book. The characters were very interesting to read. I thought that Cassie was a very independent person. She did not care about men and family issues. However, everything change when she had to move with her mom (Estrange). She did not like the idea of living with her mom. Her mom (Diana) abandon her and her husband a long time ago. I was very afraid of their relationship. on the other hand, their relationship grow as the story progress. Furthermore, as Cassie worked in the fire department, she meet a rookie (Owen). He was a very down to earth individual. Cassie started to fall in love with the man. however, their relationship took time. Overall, people needs to read this book. this story is very realistic. I will read everything the author writing. 
I liked this book. The characters were very interesting to read. However , I did not like the love triangle between Adam, Waren, and Juliette. Overall, I hope the third book is better than the second book.
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I liked this book. The characters were very interesting to read. However, I did not like how the arrangement between Esme and Anh was made. I knew that Anh have a disability, but they should had met in Vietnam or United States. Overall, I like the romance and the chemistry between the main characters. I will read anything the author put out in the near future.

Takes One to Know One Book Review

Wow! this story was very addictive. I could not put the book down. The story is about a woman named Corie who used to work with the FBI. Now, she is a housewife who missed solving dangerous crimes. However, When she went outside, Corie saw a man named Pete. she became very obsess with this guy. I thought she had psychological problems. She followed the guy everywhere. When I was reading this book, I was wondering why the police was not getting involve with the actions Corie was doing. The story did not contain that much police involvement. I was hoping something would have happen in the next 100 pages. overall, At the end of story, everything was happening very fast. Corie imagination was starting to get real. Pete was accused of all the actions that Corie was saying. I gave this book a 3.5/5 star rating. the book was not bad, but it needs a little work. The organization was kind of confusing. People need to read this book. They will not be disappointed. 

A Shadow of Good Things to Come Book Review

A shadow of good things to come is a part one series that summarize the meaning of god and how the spiritual being came and create a very interesting nation. The author described different subject areas. As I was reading this book, the one subject area that took my interest was how Jesus came to a Jewish environment and teach the word of God. I found interesting points on the reason why Jesus came to a Jewish nation. I felt like this information I learn was very good and challenging. I knew that most Jews did not believe in god, but I never thought that the author would go in-depth in this story. I felt very sorry for Jesus because I believe that people should not be force to learn the bible. I believe that people have a choice to learn where they want to or not. Furthermore, the author explored a lot on God mission to help prophets learn the true meaning of being a very worshiping individual. the main area the author discussed more on was Moses. Moses was a Hebrew prophet. He lived in Egypt before Jesus Christ ever existed. This subject area was very interesting because i learned how Moses became a prince and develop into a worship individual. Hard task that god had to face when dealing with Moses. Overall, I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. the reason I give this story a 4.5 star rating because there are some points of the book I like, but there are some subject areas do not care for. However, the author does a great job writing this book. I will read anything the author produce in the near future. People shall pick up this book and read her teachings.