June Reading Wrap up!

Hello! I am writing to let you know that I read 7 books in the month of June. The books I read was:








All the 7 books I read were  very interesting and fun to read. However, Most of the books were good and bad. the books that were good were the hating game, justice betrayed, first crush and first love, Horizon, and the mist. the bad books were people like us and the madness underneath.

Books Ratings:

The hating game: 4.75/5 stars

The madness underneath: 2.5/5 stars

Justice Betrayed: 4.75/5 stars

People like us: 3.75/5 stars

First Crush and First Love: 3.5/5 stars

Horizon: 3.75/5 Stars

The mist: 3/5 Stars

June Movie discussion!

Hello! I am writing your to let your know that June is now over. We up to the month of July. I want to explain to your about last night June 30, 2018. I watched a movie called, “Love, Simon.”

The movie was very interesting to watch. However, I did not like the high school setting of this movie. I do believe that falling in love in high school is underrated. The movie should have based their setting in college or the real world. On the other hand, I will be reading the book. I hope the book is better than this movie.

May reading wrap

Hello! I am writing to let you know that I read three books this last week of may. The three books I read were.




All three of the books were very interesting to read. I have fun learning a lot on what each book have to offer. I first book I read was very addictive. I gave it a 4.75/5 stars rating. The reason I have to give it a 4.75 rating was because I did not like some of the supporting characters in this book. They did not support the main character in this story. Furthermore, The second books I read was a continuation on the second book of the series. I gave this book a 4.75/5 stars rating. I liked this book alot the characters were very adventurous and fun to explore. I hope the two co-authirs continue the write books in the same universe. Finally, The last book I read was okay. I gave this book a 3.5/5 stars rating. the reason I gave this book a 3.5 was because the authors wrote a one dimensional steps on what girls needed to do in their daily life. I wanted more depth in this book. I hope their books improve in the future.

May weekly Wrap up

Hello! I am writing to let your know that I read three books in the month of may. The first book I read was “The Name of the Star” by Maureen Johnson.


I liked this book a lot. The characters were very interesting to read. I learned a lot about the mystery of the boarding school and the famous murderer named Jack the Ripper. I loved how the main female character was very interested in the death of each individual. However, I did not like the paranormal element of this story. For instance, I learned that the main female character had psychic abilities. That turn me away from the story. We did learned about the people who died and murder in this story. overall, I gave this book a 4/5 stars rating. I am going to continue reading more of the author stories.



The second book I read was very interesting. I learned a lot about breast cancer. The topic was very important to explore. Some people in society do not know if they have cancer or not. It is very sad to explore this author story. Overall, I gave this book a 4.5/5 stars rating. I did have some issues of the chapters concept. Most of the chapters will be longer, but others chapters will be very short or unnecessary. however, I am willing to read anything the author puts out.


The third and final book I read was good. I did not have any problems with the characters in this book. However, the plot was somewhat all over the place. I still did not understand why Henry ( leader of the stags) will commit suicide over a game. Also, at the end of the story Greer (the outsider) started having paranoid thoughts about Henry and his group of friends. overall, i gave this book a 3.75/5 stars rating.

Judah’s Scepter and the Sacred Stone Book Review

Hello Everyone! I am writing to let your know that I read the book called, “Judah’s Scepter and the Scared Stone” by D.A. Brittain.


The book was very interesting to read. It was all about love and adventure. I did love the adventure part of the book. However, The romance was very bland. I gave this book a 3.5/5 stars rating. The reason the book got a 3.5 rating is because I did not like the middle of the book. I wanted more feedback of the story. For instance, I wanted to know why the adventure and love happen in this book. Also, I wanted more historical evidence on the princess and prince lands. Finally, the main thing i wanted in this is the connection between the prince and the princess. Romance should not bring two characters together in the first place. There should be a major hardship in this story.  On the other hand, the paranormal elements in this story was somewhat weak. There always should be an explanation for each paranormal character, land, or thing. Overall, I believe that everybody should read this historical romance and adventure story. Your will learn a lot about love and belief. This world needs to have love and belief. most people lived in this world and treat others like unimportant human beings. I believe that this book will change people’s opinions on how to treat other in the near future. Okay! now I finished this book. I think i want to pick out another book from this author.


April Weekly Wrap and TBR

Hello! I am writing your to let your know that I read, “The Monstrous Thing” by Mackenzi Lee.


The book was very interesting. I loved how the characters interacted with each other. I want to read more books by this author. I hope the author continues to write more book based on this world in the near future. Also, I hope people pick up this book and read it.

Now we going through the middle of April. I am planning to read more mystery and triller books in the next 4 months. The first book I am reading that is a psychological suspense triller is “Tangled” by James W. Lewis. The book is somewhat good so far. I hope the suspense in this novel pick up.