A Shadow of Good Things to Come Book Review

A shadow of good things to come is a part one series that summarize the meaning of god and how the spiritual being came and create a very interesting nation. The author described different subject areas. As I was reading this book, the one subject area that took my interest was how Jesus came to a Jewish environment and teach the word of God. I found interesting points on the reason why Jesus came to a Jewish nation. I felt like this information I learn was very good and challenging. I knew that most Jews did not believe in god, but I never thought that the author would go in-depth in this story. I felt very sorry for Jesus because I believe that people should not be force to learn the bible. I believe that people have a choice to learn where they want to or not. Furthermore, the author explored a lot on God mission to help prophets learn the true meaning of being a very worshiping individual. the main area the author discussed more on was Moses. Moses was a Hebrew prophet. He lived in Egypt before Jesus Christ ever existed. This subject area was very interesting because i learned how Moses became a prince and develop into a worship individual. Hard task that god had to face when dealing with Moses. Overall, I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. the reason I give this story a 4.5 star rating because there are some points of the book I like, but there are some subject areas do not care for. However, the author does a great job writing this book. I will read anything the author produce in the near future. People shall pick up this book and read her teachings.

Things You #Things You Save Book Review


I liked this book. The characters were very interesting to read. I thought that Cassie was a very independent person. She did not care about men and family issues. However, everything change when she had to move with her mom (Estrange). She did not like the idea of living with her mom. Her mom (Diana) abandon her and her husband a long time ago. I was very afraid of their relationship. on the other hand, their relationship grow as the story progress. Furthermore, as Cassie worked in the fire department, she meet a rookie (Owen). He was a very down to earth individual. Cassie started to fall in love with the man. however, their relationship took time. Overall, people needs to read this book. this story is very realistic. I will read everything the author writing.

The Belles Book Review


I liked this book. the characters were very interesting to explore. I learned a lot about the Belles and the queen political system. The belles are very strong individuals that serve each royal house. I was very impress with the system that belles run. However, I felt that the belles should have some romance in their lives. I know that work is somewhat important, but being taking care of could be a solution to the belles population. However, the royal system was very horrible. There were a lot of secrets in the royal kingdom. I did not like the younger princess in the kingdom. she was very controlling with the main character belle. Overall, i hope the next book is better than the first book.

May Reading Wrap up

Hello! I am writing to let your know that I read a lot of books in the month of may. The books I read were:

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I liked this book. The characters were very interesting to read. However, I did not like Rhen. He was a flat character. I wanted more in-depth information about his life. Overall, people need to read this book. I hope the sequel is better than the first book.
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the book is okay. I like some of the characters in this story.Hardin was one of the best person in this story. He was a typical bad boy. He saved this book. Tessa was a very confuse individual. She would like three boys (Noah, Hardin, and Zed) at the same time. Tessa had low self-esteem. I wanted her to express her love for Hardin. I am glad that Hardin done it before Tessa.
the story was okay. I liked how the story started. However, I did not like the fantasy aspect of this book. I thought the book focus more on the suspense verses the fantasy aspect. I wanted to know the reason why Rachelle gotten blind. I know that the prologue told me the reason, but I wanted the history of a person being blind. Also, I wanted to know why the shadow man wanted to blind Rachelle in the first place. The story should have touch upon that aspect. overall, I hope the next book go further in Rachelle blind abilities.

I liked this book. the characters were interesting to read. I liked the mystery and how they solve the crime. However, I really believed that the romance should not exist in this story. I gave this book a 4/5 star rating. The main focus should always be on the crime scene. Overall, people should read this book. I cannot wait for the next book of her series to come out.
I somewhat liked this book. the characters were okay to read. However, I did not like the love triangle element of this story. I wanted to focus more on her grifter life verses school life. I hope the second book is better than her first book. I gave this book a 3.5/5 star rating.
I somewhat liked this book. The characters were very interesting read. However, I did not like how Daemon was acting in this story. He was obsess with founding Katy. overall, I hope the final book is better than the fourth book in lux series. I gave this book a 3.5/5 star rating.

The books were very interesting to read. I will be putting out my June reading wrap up. Stay Tune!

Mother Knows best Sampler Review

I think this story is very interesting. It described being a mom could be a good or bad thing. Abby is a mom that just lost her son. I believe that losing a son or daughter is a very horrible experience in anybody life. People should take care of their children. A mom and dad should not depend on other people to take care of their children. However, Abby became a type of mom who did not know what can happen to her son. The story is based on technology and how it could turn her son into a very unique individuals. Overall, people should read this book because they need to understand the desperation of founding a way to save their children. I think desperation should not occur in someone life because it can turn into a killing or scarficing situation.