March Weekly Wrap-up

i read two books during the last week of march. I read Freeks by Amanda Hocking and Broken Prince by Erin Watt. I liked both of the books. However, I did have issue with the characters in each of the books. In the book Freeks, I did not like the romance in the story. I thought that the romance was too rush and unexpected. The author should have took their time with the two main characters romance scenes. On the other hand, I did love the amazing circus performances. Also, the paranormal events that occur in this story. I did give the story a 3/5 stars because of the paranormal activities.

Furthermore, Broken Prince was a somewhat good story. However, I did not like the relationship between Brooke (Callum’s girlfriend) and Reed (Callum’s son). The reason i did not like their relationship is because Brooke announced to reed that she was pregnant. she explained that the baby was his.I was uninterested in that storyline. However, i did like how reed and ella’s relationship grew from hate, like, and love. I give this book a 3.2/5 stars. I hope the third book is better than this second book. The ending of this trilogy should be epic.

Author: lakeshaweb

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