May Wrap up and June TBR

Hello! I am writing to discuss the books i read last month and this month. In May, I read five books. The books I read was Everything Everything, Reflected in you, And I darken, Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye, and Gemina. However, in June so far, I read two books. The books i read in the month of June were Half of Gemina and To kill a Sorcerer.

The rating system for each of the books I read were very challenging.

The 2 star rating is based on a particular book has very confusing and bad story line. There was one book I gave a 2/5 stars. The name of the books were Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye and Reflected in you. The reason I gave these books a 2/5 star is because I did not like story line. I believe that the books are very hard to understand.

However, The 3 and 4 star rating was very simple. I somewhat like the books because of the adventure. The books I pick are Daughter of smoke and bone, Gemina, To kill a sorcerer, And I darken, and Gemina. I liked these books because of the supernatural elements of each story.

I did not have any 5/5 star rating books. I hope I do get some five stars books this month.

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