November Weekly Wrap #1

Hello! I am writing to let you know that I read one book this week. The book I read was very boring and uninteresting.



I felt like the characters were very interesting to read in a romantic level. However, I did not like the drama in this book. I gave this book a 3/5 stars rating. The reason I gave this book 3 stars is because I did not feel the action in this book. The main character felt very flat and boring. She seemed very scary and ignore in this whole story. Overall, the author should continue to write more romantic element in stories in the near future.

October Reading Wrap Up

Hello! I am writing to let your know that I read 6 books this month. Wow, I done better this month than last month. I hope I can keep up the reading challenge for November.


I liked this book. the characters were very interesting to read. The story was about a man who got supernatural powers. He experienced his mom getting killed for protecting another individual. Hem made it his mission to protect people that were going through horrible condition (Alien hosting a human body). I gave this book a 3.5/5 stars rating. I loved the characters, but the plot was similar to another book called “The Host” by Stephenie Meyers. Overall, I hope the author continues to write more books in the near future.

The Next book I read was a paranormal Mystery book.


The story was very interesting to read. I loved how the main male character was immortal and very supportive to his future wife. However, I did not like how all the women wanted the male character. However, I gave this book a 4/5 stars rating. The reason I gave this book that rating was because I did not like the ending of this story. The ending mainly focus on sex and not love. I hope the next book is better than this book I read. Also, I want more on the unborn child that the main character made with the female villian.

After I read that book, I picked up another mystery book.


This book was very scary,. I could not sleep at night. I felt very sorry for a man named Paul. He was a famous author who loved writing love and crime stories. However, when he was driving somewhere to give the editors his next book. A crazy and mental lady hit him with her car. He was hurt all around his book. The woman nurses him to health. I was afraid. I was glad that Paul gotten away. However, I gave this book a 4.5/5 stars rating. I wanted the beginning to focus on the accident scene and not being this woman house along period of time. I will be continuing reading all of Stephen Kings books.

When I finished misery, I was glad to pick up a next book.


The book was okay. I learned alot on the murders and how it connected to a store. However, when I read this book, I felt disconnected to each characters. I felt like the story was very slow and irresistable. I gave this book a 3.5/5 stars rating. I wanted more indepth and intersting story. I am willing give this author another chance. I hope her next book is better than this book I read.

After this book, I read a fantasy book. It was based on fairy realm and human realm.


This book was very interesting and addictive. I learned alot about the human and fairy world. This book remind me of the Court of Mist and Fury story. I loved the romance between the male and female character. The politics were very interesting to explore. I learned how the fairy people lived. I loved how the female character fight for what she believed was right. I hope the author continues to write stories in the this realm. I give this book a 4/5 star rating.

The last and final book I read are a mystery. I liked this book because it is based on past and present concept.


This book is very good. I am surprised with how the main female character is doing everything in her power to solve an old case. I hope she found the killer soon. I am still reading this book. if i have to rate this book I will give this book a 4.5/5 stars. I loved the character and the school setting. I hope the ending is good.

September Reading Wrap

Hello Everyone! I am writing your to let your know that I read 3 books this month. I enjoy the three books I read. The 3 books I read are:



All Three of the books were very interesting. I learned a lot from each of the books. the characters from each book were very driven and fun. I understand why each book were very adventurous. I gave the second and third book: 4/5stars rating. however, the first book gotten a 4.5/5 stars. Each author explore life and death in different. I hope each author continue to write more in the near future.



Hello! I am sorry I am late on posting. I was sick for the past couple of weeks. Now I am back to blog again. Okay! let me start to tell your that I did not read that much in September. I am up to my second book. I am trying to finish this book, but my head keep hurting me. I hope I can get three books finish in the month of September.

Ah No! I need to talk about the last book i finished in August. The book I read was, “The Other Girl” by LB Gschwandiner.


The book was very interesting and depressing to read. I was concern about the two new girls in this weird boarding school. I gave this book a 4/5 stars rating. I did have some problems with the first girl love interest. I wanted more in-depth in the girl love interest. however, I hope the author continued to write some more stories like this in the near future.

Wow! It is fun reviewing books. I need to tell your about a new movie trailer that came out called, “Captain Marvel Movie.”  Everybody need to watch this trailer.




August Book Wrap

Hello! I am writing to let your know that I read 4 books this month. My reading speed was not fast this month. However, I hope September reading month will be good. Okay let me get to the books i read this month.

The four books I read were:





These books were very interesting to explore. However, most of the stories i read were good and bad. I did have problems with the first book I read this month. The characters were very bland. I wanted more depth in each of the love triangle story. on the other hand, the second and third book were very good. I loved the mystery and historical fantasy in each story. I want more stories like this in the near future. Finally, the last book was okay. the story were very dramatic. However, I felt that the main woman character was kind of weak over a man.

  1. First book: 3/5 stars rating
  2. Second book: 4/5 stars rating
  3. Third book: 3.5/5  stars rating
  4. Fourth book: 3.5/5 stars rating

Finally! I read the last book in the Month of July!

Hello! I am writing to let you know that i read, “Scarlet” By Marissa Meyer. I liked the book. The characters were very interesting to explore. I gave this book a 4/5 stars rating. I did have some issues with Cinder’s character (she was the main character of the first book called, “Cinder.”) She did not believe that she was a princess of another world. However, I did like Scarlet. She was a very tough individuals. I hope the third book explore more on this character. The named of the third book is called, “Cress.” She is another character I hope she very interesting and fun to read.


Now, I am reading a analogy book called, “Three Sides of a Heart” By Natalie C. Parker.  it based on different types of love triangles. I read two analogy from two different authors. They were very good. I just hope the whole book of analogy is good and not bad. I will be giving your my final whole review at the end of the story. Stay Tune!