My December Book Wrap Up

Hello! I am writing your to let your know that I read 7 books this month. I was surprised of how many books I read. I usually read 4 and 5 books for each month.

The books I read were:

Hunted by Meagan Spooner: 4/5 stars

Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven: 4/5 stars

The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry: 4/5 stars

Stealing Rose by Monica Murphy: 3/5 stars

Chinese Education in Singapore by Zhixiong Zhang: 3/5 stars

Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir: 5/5 stars

Artania: the Pharaohs Cry by Laurie Woodward: 5/5 stars


I could not believe that I gave two books 5 stars. All the books I read this year did not got a 5/5 stars rating.  However, I hope next year I can give most of my books 5/5 stars rating.



Hello! I am wondering if your having a wonderful day. It is almost 2018. I cannot wait. I believe that 2018 will be a wonderful year everybody. I hope you day and thank your for following me on WordPress website. I appropriate the followers and comments on my site.

Book I am reading so far!

Hello everybody! I am writing to let you know that I am reading “A Torch Against the Night” by Sabaa Tahir. I love this book. The characters are very interesting to read. The story of Laia and Elias are very good. However, there is another character point of view in this story i like. The character is Helene. I love Helene. ¬†she is a very good warrior. She loves Elias a lot. She wants him safe and secure. I hope she has a happy ending with Elias. Also, I want Laia to be happy too. Overall, I am still reading this book. I hope the ending is better than the first book. I want to give this book a 5/5 star rating.