March Weekly Wrap-up

i read two books during the last week of march. I read Freeks by Amanda Hocking and Broken Prince by Erin Watt. I liked both of the books. However, I did have issue with the characters in each of the books. In the book Freeks, I did not like the romance in the story. I thought that the romance was too rush and unexpected. The author should have took their time with the two main characters romance scenes. On the other hand, I did love the amazing circus performances. Also, the paranormal events that occur in this story. I did give the story a 3/5 stars because of the paranormal activities.

Furthermore, Broken Prince was a somewhat good story. However, I did not like the relationship between Brooke (Callum’s girlfriend) and Reed (Callum’s son). The reason i did not like their relationship is because Brooke announced to reed that she was pregnant. she explained that the baby was his.I was uninterested in that storyline. However, i did like how reed and ella’s relationship grew from hate, like, and love. I give this book a 3.2/5 stars. I hope the third book is better than this second book. The ending of this trilogy should be epic.

There are two good movies coming soon in Theaters.

I am proud to see this movie, “The Justice League.” I hope the movie is better than the “Batman Vs. Superman movie.” I want more companionship and communications than action. Action does not mean a good movie.

The Guardian and Galaxy Vol 2 movie coming out too. I can not wait for this movie. I hope the movie is better than the first one. Also, I hope i see the avengers and the guardian and galaxy coming together as team than enemies.

Beauty and the Beast Movie

Now the movie is in theaters. Many people like the movie. others think that the movie is not like the original one. I heard that people are not taking their kids to see beauty and the beast because it is much darker, and one of the character is gay.

I want to see the movie and compare the difference between the cartoon and live-action. I know that most characters are totally different than than the original one. For example, Gaston and La Fou characters personality are different than the classic. La Fou is more open about his sexuality than the original cartoon. Also, Gaston is more sensitive and desperate than the original classic.

Two New Clips called, “Bella and Gaston” and “Gaston and La Fou”

I liked both of these clips. It showed how Gaston was very obsess with Bella. I liked this Gaston than the cartoon one. He seemed more real and desperate.

The other clip showed how Gaston talked to La Fou. I think that La Fou did not like how Gaston was obsessing over Bella. He (La Fou) seemed jealous of Bella.