My book review on “The Mexico Stories by Josh Barkan

The stories were very good. I like the characters in each of the stories. I gave the book a 4/5 stars. The reason I gave this book that rating because I loved most of the stories. Most stories dealt with crime and violence in mexico. The stories remind me of  The issue of immigration in american society. Overall, I believe that the stories touch upon change and how we can make change happen in Mexico. I think that people need to read this book.

The Heir. People need to try this book out. I know that the Selection was better, but the Female character is starting to come around.

I gave the heir a 3.3/5 Stars. It was a good book, However, I did not like the female character personality. I wanted her to be nice as America Singer on the Selection Series. I hope the Crown will be a  better book.