Reading in the month of May

I can not wait for this movie to come out. I do like the first kingsman movie. I hope the second movie will be better than the first one.

Hello! It been awhile since I wrote and post images and videos on my blog. However, I been reading a lot of books in the month of May. The book I am currently reading is, ” The Martian By Andy Weir.” I like this book so far. I am learning the fundamental of being in Mars and space. I hope the book continue to surprise me. People should go and watch the movie.

Pursued by Lisa Harris

I liked this book. The characters were very interesting and fun. I learned alot on how Nikki was feeling when she was on the plane. She was afraid of dying on this plane. I did have some issues with this story. I wanted to know what happen to the women on the plane. Also, I want to the relationship between tyler and nikki. In the begin, the relationship seemed depressing. I wanted more holding and connecting. I hope the next book is good than the last one. I gave this story a 4.5/5 stars.